Sarah Hess

Sarah Hess


Sarah Hess is a dedicated attorney at Sandage Law, with experience in representing clients across various legal proceedings. With a focus on criminal defense, she navigates meetings, negotiations, and court appearances, providing skilled and experienced advocacy for individuals facing challenging circumstances. Additionally, Sarah serves as the firm's research and writing specialist, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and effective communication in all legal matters.

Sarah's journey with Sandage Law began in the spring of 2015, but her collaboration with Lance Sandage dates back to her graduation from law school in 2013. Drawn to the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in people's lives during their most difficult moments, Sarah finds fulfillment in the client-centered approach and supportive team dynamic at Sandage Law. Under Lance's mentorship, she thrives in her role, embodying the values of empathy and dedication.

Sarah's educational background is marked by excellence and a commitment to justice. She graduated from Kansas State University in 2009 with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications, distinguishing herself as the editor-in-chief of the Royal Purple Yearbook. She then pursued her passion for law at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, graduating in 2013 with an emphasis in litigation and receiving Pro Bono honors. During law school, Sarah's involvement extended to leadership roles in various organizations, including the Midwest Innocence Project Student Organization.

Before joining Sandage Law, Sarah honed her legal skills through diverse experiences. She interned for United States Magistrate Judge Robert E. Larsen and clerked for judges in the Wyandotte County District Court. Post-graduation, she worked at Sandage Bell, focusing on complex criminal defense, and later transitioned to Brown and Ruprecht, where her practice encompassed civil matters alongside criminal defense.

Outside of providing legal services to her clients, Sarah is deeply involved in her community. She dedicates her time to coaching youth softball, continuing a cherished tradition passed down from her father. Family holds a central place in Sarah's life, and she enjoys spending quality time with her husband, children, and extended family. Whether exploring the outdoors, getting together for dinners at their favorite Mexican restaurant, or simply enjoying a movie night, Sarah finds joy in the simple pleasures of life.